Feminism. This word has been thrown around at every other situation making it lose it’s meaning. It has been watered down to mean a group of women who detest men. This robs away the true intention of feminism and makes it seem like a toxic movement for air-headed women. Let me school you a bit today.

Opinions are like assholes everybody has one. Happy New month my loves. New month, new energy, new focus. I love beginnings because they allow me to reset. To start on a fresh page, turn over a new leaf.

Friends come and go. Some friendships end in messy breakups others just grow apart. New people come into our lives; others have been in our lives for a long time. It’s a constant cycle.

Unless you are being extremely fake in a relationship, at some point, you will have fights. I don’t mean physical punches and kicks, I mean arguments, disagreements, walking outs. Fights happen because we are human and we can’t possibly agree on everything.

Hey loves happy new month! I hope August will be good to all of us. This is second part of the friendship series. If you have read the previous blog click here.

Hey guys, I want to write a mini series on friendships and basically this is the relationship we have with other people. So it could be family, classmates, co-workers,lovers, neighbors even ourselves.

We did talk about how we could be the toxic ones and we should consider reconciliation. I’m sure most of you are asking so what if it doesn’t work? What if our efforts go to vain? What if the relationship just can’t go back to how it was? What if they don’t mend their ways?

How often do you call out other people for being toxic? How often do you “cut off” people because they are toxic? Are you usually in constant drama? Are people constantly talking about you and it’s not because you have accomplished something admirable?

I’m I the only who guilts over the awful amount of time I waste staring at a screen!? It’s been a while since I wrote a new blog and I genuinely don’t even have a good reason just been off for a minute. Filling my time with a lot of unnecessary stuff.

This is a topic that has brought much debate in the millennial era. Yes you guessed right, social media. For some it is the absolute definition of evil while for others it is nothing less of heaven. Two extremes. Of course everything has it’s positives and it’s negatives.

Ever been okay and doing great then one thing just one trigger and suddenly you are in roller coaster of emotions . Feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, broken, sad and all those other negative emotions you feel and suddenly the whole world seems to be crushing on you.

It is the 12th of February and wow this year is on its heels. It is not slowing down. The week of love is finally upon us. I know most ladies have been waiting for this day. Some of you guys asked if I stopped writing. No loves, I haven’t stopped.