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I’m on a toilet seat don’t ask me why I felt the need to mention that but aren’t clean toilets such a safe haven. It’s peaceful, you are alone with your thoughts unless you bring your phone with you as most of us do. Yes I’m talking about you. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself taking a number two without my phone. I honestly don’t. What will I be thinking about all that time?

Anyway, I wanted to write quickly about how sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves and also flip the coin and talk about how we are too easy on ourselves.

We are now well into March. This year is going by so fast. I talk about goals a lot on here but for someone who is loud about meeting clear goals, I sure as hell don’t get to half of what I’ve set for myself. I’m saying this to be candid with you guys.

The main reason being, for a long time I didn’t balance out my “I can’t kill myself moments” with “I need to give this my energy and discpline.”

This might sound like a contradiction but that’s just how life is. You need to find some sort of balance in a way that works for you. Here are some few tips to help you achieve your goals and feel content at the same time

1. Set realistic goals
I know it’s clichè. You’ve heard this more times than you could cout. Set goals that you can live up to. Do not challenge yourself to be a mutli millionare within six months because you started a business last Thursday.

2. Have a meaningful why
Attach a reason and purpose to your goal. Why is it important to you? Why do you need to work towards it everyday? This helps you during those lazy days to get up and do something because you see the bigger picture

3. Give yourself off days.
I told my friend I have off days and he told me I am a very lazy person. Which on somedays is a true statement but it’s actually important toy have lazy days. One day of the week to unwind, unpack, do a bit of self-care, switch off your phone and rest. Tune out and sleep or watch movies. This will give you energy to go back to your routine and also time to assess progress, restrategize and write down your to do lists.

4. Have someone to hold you accountable.
I promise you if you find someone who holds you accountable to your actions and keep you in check you go way far than you would have alone. The number of times you’ve convinced yourself that that extra hour of sleep instead of study doesn’t really count, or skipping your workout today is not that bad. If you can find someone to keep you true to your path it helps even more if you are on the same journeys.

Achieving set goals is not a walk in the park and more often than not we find ourselves giving up the second things get a little difficult. Motivational speakers say set yourself up for success, put the correct energy around you and you’ll be shocked what a little discpline and consistency will do.

Thank you for reading lovelies.
Feel free to leave a comment on how you deal with this kind of situation where you don’t feel like pushing for your goals anymore.

I’m off the toilet seat now, just so you know, my legs are all cramped up. Lol.

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  1. Lol 😂…

    I need a day off though …but Niko na exams

  2. 😂😂just made my night

  3. “I told my friend I have off days and he told me I am a very lazy person.”
    Kama ni mimi nilisema hivo aki pole 😂 I’m not justified, I also have them lazy days 😅

  4. Can i get off days in adulting ie paying rent??🥺🥺🥺
    Good piece,Liz❤

  5. 🤗🤗

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