I was so excited about this project I had talked it over with my best friend and a few of my other friends and they told me to go for it. I was already budgeting the money I didn’t even start working for. I have this problem. I’m always thinking about money I don’t have. Anyway, that’s beside the point. So, this project I was excited about I’m sure some of you know it by now.

It seemed like such an easy thing to do. Get product sell product. Full stop. No other form of consideration was done. I thought I had it figured out since I knew my target market. Then reality hit me that I don’t know anything about business and that I’ll keep on making mistakes. So, I started a jewelry business and it seemed quite simple to me. Ladies are always buying jewelry it’s never enough and it always fits.

I thought that was an easy market. I was shocked to realize later that it won’t just take one post to do the trick and attract customers or by word of mouth. So, weeks went by and I was getting frustrated with the seated Jewelry at my place. Goods are not getting sold. I’m not getting money and I want money. That was the point. Money. Nothing else. Not entrepreneurial life lessons of some sort.

If you are reading this and thinking but I could have done so much more to try and move the product. Yes, I could have but I didn’t, I’m not passionate about the jewelry business as other jewelers are like my friend @sarabi_ke on Instagram. She has amazing handcrafted jewelry pieces. I see her work and immediately feel inspired to create. But not jewelry, content.

I started the business not because I loved it, because I thought that was where the money is. Of course, there is still money there, but maybe not just for me.

 My best friend sells African printed clothes. She enjoys doing that seeing designs come into life. Seeing people wearing her print that is her joy. Her pieces are beautiful and she is so dedicated and passionate about her work. Her Instagram business page is @prints_bymwikali.

My joy is seeing people repost or comment how one of my articles has helped them or pushed them to do something different or inspired them. Messages like “I needed to hear this” fill my heart with joy. Well I have not been writing for a long time and I’m not proud of it. But it was needed. The break was needed. You can’t pour from an empty cup you know.

Even though I failed in this trial run, I’m glad I did it. I learnt lessons in the short time I’ve tried this. At least I will not say I wish I did this, I tried it didn’t work I have plenty of time to try more different things.

That’s just how life is. Sometimes we will fail. All that matter is that we pick ourselves up. Take the lessons and move on and start afresh. There is always beauty in beginnings. Don’t be scared to fail. Someday it will make for a very interesting success story.

As for me, at least now I have more jewelry for me. Don’t worry though it wasn’t a whole warehouse.

Baby steps.

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  1. My poor Bby girl.. sorry don’t give up keep soldering on..work with 4 ps..

  2. Hehe, you have more jewelry, fine
    Yea, failure makes us learn bt don’t give up continue trying. Nothing comes easy my dear you have to put more effort

  3. Gai nice piece babe😌
    its 🔥❤️😘🥰

  4. Don’t you ever give up!

  5. I needed this at this moment of my life..whhheeeewww!

  6. It’s a phase that we all go through to face tough moments, but we always have to continue with the journey

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