This word has been thrown around at every other situation making it lose it’s meaning. It has been watered down to mean a group of women who detest men. This robs away the true intention of feminism and makes it seem like a toxic movement for air-headed women. Let me school you a bit today.

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on bases of equality of sexes. I am not making this up it’s the definition given by Google. It’s not a battle between genders. It is a movement advocating for women rights from right to own property, to vote,to education, to bodily integrity, reproductive Rights, contraception and   quality prenatal care, protection from domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, right to equal pay.

The first wave of feminism started in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The second wave was in the 1960s -70s where it gained popularity and the third wave is from the 90s to date.

Feminism is not a measure of who is “wife material or not.” If you think in those terms you are one of the people who have not educated themselves on what feminism is. Just because she doesn’t let you treat her as you please doesn’t mean she is a “toxic feminist.” Just because she speaks about injustices against women doesn’t mean she is a “toxic feminist.” In fact she is doing what feminists should be doing speaking and bringing awareness to the injustices that women face and that include unequal pay, rape , abuse, denial to own property.

People have this idea that if she is a feminist she hates men. I am a feminist. I don’t have men. My dad is the most amazing man ever and I love him very dearly. My little brother is such a smart ass and so kind and he is the love of my life. I’ll get married to a man someday and I will love him too with the same intensity. I have male friends who are such good people and I love them too. So when feminist say men are trash it’s not you who respects women. It’s the rapist, rape apologists, abusers, women and men killers, emotional manipulators. That doesn’t mean that women cannot do the same too. There are women who are evil. Some will drag your name through the mad , others will heartbreak you,use you for money or stature.

I’m tired of this narrative that feminist hate men. Misogynistic men can’t stand the idea of women having a voice in politics, in society, in the economy even in their own household. Their general dislike for women manifests in ways like abuse and violence,rape,sexual harrassment , against women, belittling women ,social exclusion ,male privilege. If you don’t see a problem with any of this you are a misogynist and you really need to check yourself.

Feminism is not only a women’s movement there are men who are feminist and believe that women do deserve equal chances as their male counter parts. Feminism is not about ignoring the boychild. It is about empowering the girl to be able to be where the boy is. We are not ignoring your issues we are minding and sorting our own. The gender pay gap is still huge even after all these years of advocacy. Girl child intake in school is still not at its best at pastoral areas and coast of our country. Young girls are being married off at young ages being forced to drop out of school. Some communities are still practicing FGM.

So no it’s not about breaking your egos. It’s about equal chances,rights, pays, freedom to express ourselves, freedom to feel safe walking down the street, freedom to prosper , a right to our own dreams and ambitions.

I hope you now understand why we do what we do or say what we say. Respect women, she doesn’t have to be your mom or sister, respect all women. You don’t have to be threatened by a woman who stands her ground. If only you could work by each other’s side and not against what a world we would live in but misogynists won’t let this slip by just like that.

“GENDER PAY GAP:https://www.theelephant.info/specials/2018/03/08/gender-pay-gap-why-do-kenyan-women-get-paid-less-than-men-for-equal-work/

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  1. Amazing piece, Nyangara

    You should also talk about toxic feminists people need enlightment on that

  2. It’s amazing

  3. Been waiting for this for so long, finally.
    Good work sis,

  4. Waaaaauuuww!! Great piece babygirl

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  7. Nice one,,, educative 👌👌

  8. God made a slight difference between man and woman, isn’t this going against His will?

    1. Ofcourse we still have our differences. We are not trying to be men. We just want our rights to equal. Big difference

  9. God also made men and women equal.So isn’t suppressing women’s rights also going against his will?

  10. Love this a lot ❤❤❤ You should also do a piece on rape culture . people need to know what it entails as it’s a big issue right now

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