Friends come and go. Some friendships end in messy breakups others just grow apart. New people come into our lives; others have been in our lives for a long time. It’s a constant cycle.

However, there are five type of friends that I find are a constant in our lives and everyone should actually have.

 1.  Best friend

Most people have one some don’t but having a best friend is one of the best things that could happen to someone. You literally have a human diary, someone who knows you, supports you, someone you can call at any time to talk to if you are having a rough time. Someone to call you out on your bullshit. Someone to create memories with. People attach betrayal to best friends to the point they feel it’s not safe to have someone that close to you. Personally, I love and I want to share with as many people as possible and one of those people is a best friend who I can care for and they do the same. If you don’t have one, I’d suggest you do, create amazing memories, walk through life. These are the people who have your parent’s number in case something bad happens to you away from home.

 2. Fun loving

This is the one who knows everything that is happening in town. Know a whole lot of other people. Is totally fun to be around generally being with them is a good time. You let of steam; you have fun. They make you go have experiences you’ve never had before. They give you a good work and play balance.

 3.  Nerd

They know stuff you didn’t even know people know. They are the ones you go to for intellectual advice. They read so much content you are amazed every time you walk into their room and see new sets of books. They are critical thinkers and help you analyses situations in a more sensible manner. Everyone needs a nerd friend. They are hardly ever on their phones. You can’t ever get a text back in good time lol. But they are extremely helpful and very objective with their life.

 4.  The go-getter

These friends are the ones who motivate you to elevate. They keep making things happen for themselves, they are constantly doing things out of their comfort zone. They amaze you with how much will power they have. They are will to help you and support you in your endeavors. They don’t shy away from challenges and often drag you to do stuff out of your own comfort zone. They are your biggest cheerleaders and celebrate your wins.

 5. Advisor/confidant

They are usually good listeners and extremely easy to vent to and be around. They give you that chill type of vibe where you can just drink tea and talk about life. All aspects they give really good insights and are very helpful in finding out own clarity. Talking to them feels like therapy.

We all play different roles in each other’s lives. You don’t need hundreds of friends you just need few people around you who are for you as much as you are for them so, find your tribe.

As we grow, we also outgrow people so. People might not be as permanent in your life as you would like them to be. It is what it is.

Thank you for reading:)

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