Hey loves happy new month! I hope August will be good to all of us. This is second part of the friendship series. If you have read the previous blog click here.

For any kind of relationship to work commitment is required. Be it an employee- employer relationship, teacher – student, tenant – landlord, husband – wife, girlfriend – boyfriend, parent – child. The list goes on and on. If the teacher is not committed to his/her work the student will not perform as well as he/she could. If a parent doesn’t commit to their child, the child will have issues as he/she grows up. If a partner isn’t committed and loyal to their partner the union might not last very long.

The same energy should be applied on friendships. People most often feel as if friendships should just happen and work like a never dying water spring. No honey no you have to give it the same energy you give to romantic relationships. If two or more people really want to be friends their is genuine effort seen.

It is usually the simple things like texting or calling to ask how they are doing. Sending thoughtful quotes or videos or songs or speeches. Inviting them out to an event with you. Going out partying or for charity work. It’s showing interest in knowing what they are interested in. It’s offering a shoulder to cry on or a soul to vent to. It doesn’t even have to involve monetary gifts. Real friends will see the effort and the purity behind thoughtful acts.

“Quality friendships are so important in building your own support system. Choose wisely.”

It’s being the sound of reason when they are doing something self harming. It’s pushing and motivating them when they feel like their energy is drained. It’s showing support to help them get back up to themselves. It’s reminding them that they are beautiful and can do whatever they set their mind to. It’s telling them that their past doesn’t define them and the future holds so much if only they believed and worked for it.

It’s about praying for them. It’s giving them hugs when their words have failed. Wiping their tears as they roll down their cheeks. Bring them packed lunch cause they are ill and couldn’t do it themselves.

Don’t be sulky talking about how you don’t have friends yet you never offer anyone anything. True friendships don’t just happen. They are built over time. They take time, effort and commitment.

I know a lot of people. Not like hundreds in contact list or anything but I know a lot of people. I’m sure we all do. But we have that small group of people that we can say they always have our backs anytime. Invest in those two or three. Build quality friendships. I’m not saying text them all day or video call them thrice a week. If the effort and energy is being reciprocated, you are good.

Quality friendships are so important in building your own support system. Choose wisely.

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