So the year is well over halfway gone. If you had set goals at the beginning of the year,you have ticked some or all of your boxes on your checklist. I bet you’re re so proud of yourself. You should be. Some people do the half year review at the end of June and set new goals or revise old ones. Check on their progress and make appropriate adjustments.

If however you are on the other side of the coin and nothing has gone as planned. For reasons best known to you. I for one thought I’d be posting a blog every week. But sometimes I go several week without posting anything. That and a lot of other things I have not been able to tick off my checklist.
Here are some things that help me get back on my feet.

1. Acknowledge that life happens
We do not have total control of what happens in our lives. Sometimes tragic things happen and it’s okay to take time to yourself and gather your thoughts. When you are ready you will get it done.

2. Believe in yourself
You can do it as long as you put your mind to it. It won’t be easy but no success story is a smooth path. Most of the time you will not have cheerleaders or people gassing you or clapping for you. You have to believe in your own strength. That you can do it and you do not need validation.

3. Put in the work
You have had your rest. You are healed. You have procastinated enough. It’s time to work hard now, for all that you want to achieve. I for one struggle with this. I can be so lazy. I know what I’m supposed to do, to the last detail. I could have been planning it for months but when it’s time to do the work, I always find excuses not to. It’s not until I start the work and begin building the momentum and get things going then I don’t want to stop.

“Enjoy the beauty of beginnings. The greatest gift is the present. You always have a chance to start over. You dont have to beat yourself up.”

4. Stop giving in to habits
This is so hard. Soooooo hard. When you do a particular action for long enough it creates a “pre-programmed” type of memory in our brains. It reaches a point you are not doing the habit but the habit is doing you. A simple habit like checking your phone immediately you wake up. Try to not check your phone the first 90 mins for just three days. It will be so hard. I have a bad habit of snacking in the morning so if I wake up and have nothing to do that day I’ll be constantly at the fridge, snacking unnecessarily. The key is trying to make a conscious decision every time. Think about what you are doing. It usually doesn’t hit me untill I’m done snacking that I didn’t mean to. I’m never even hungry in the morning but it’s a bad habit I’ve cultivated. It takes 21 days of consciously doing an action repetitively to create a new habit.

5. Be patient
Results will not come overnight but your hardwork and consistency will pay soon. You are a day ahead of where you were yesterday if you start working today. Embrace the wins and learns. I strongly believe you don’t really lose, you learn.

6. Trust God’s timing
I don’t not know about those who don’t believe in a superior being but with me being a believer, I do trust that God already has it all planned out and nothing that is happening is not meant to be. I will learn and I will soldier on.

It is going to be okay. You are not behind schedule you are just on time. This is meant to close the chapter of I would have, should have and could have and opening a chapter of GETTING SHIT DONE.

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  1. So inspiring to start your day off.. The gal Nyang’ara💪♥

  2. It’s moving and refreshing that we still have people like you to keep us on track

  3. You have inspired me to not give up on my list…I must blue tick most of them.keep it up girl.

  4. The believe in yourself part got me and no
    path to success is smooth ❤️❤️such strong words

  5. This is a rejuvenation of my previous lagging mood
    Thank you liz

  6. You’re amazing ❤️👑

  7. Nice work Miss!💯

  8. Umefanya nikakumiss zaidi😂😂

  9. i like the patience and God’s timing part🔥key.

  10. Love the website– extremely user friendly and great deals to see!


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