We did talk about how we could be the toxic ones and we should consider reconciliation. I’m sure most of you are asking so what if it doesn’t work? What if our efforts go to vain? What if the relationship just can’t go back to how it was? What if they don’t mend their ways?

I won’t front, sometimes we do all we can do and the only option left is now to let go. To cut off the toxic person. To re-establish boundaries and put clarity to what we simply can’t accept.

When you have decided on what is okay and what is not. When you are confident about the kind of energy you want around you. It is only fair that you create that environment for yourself. Clear out all the negative energy. If it’s people, content you are feeding yourself, certain social media pages, behaviors you name it.

Establishing a peaceful positive environment is key to being happy and productive. I read somewhere that a shark that lives in a tank can grow only several inches larger… It never outgrows the tank… But when it is at sea it can grow over 6 feet. I thought to myself this is exactly how life works with us.

There is no way if you stay in a limiting environment you will be able to grow. There is no enough room for you to grow, there is no abundance of growth factors for you to flourish and bloom. This is what happens when we are around toxic people for too long. We in some way get inhibited by their constant negativity, being picked on, their discouragement. Especially if it’s people you love. People you feel you need validation from. Let me remind you that honey no… You do not need their validation.

“If you have someone who constantly tells you that you can’t, that you are being delusional shut them out. Do not in anyway listen to them. It’s very important to keep a positive environment around you.”

You do not need to limit yourself because someone you love told you that you are not enough. It will be hard but you have to step out of that box that they are trying so hard to fit you in. Most of the time they are scared of your potential. They are so afraid that you will out-work or out-smart them. That you will succeed and you won’t be able to satisfy their need to feel superior or right all the time. That you will be bigger than them and they can’t belittle you anymore.

If you have someone who constantly tells you that you can’t, that you are being delusional shut them out. Do not in anyway listen to them. It’s very important to keep a positive environment around you.

With toxic people, they can easily get to you and make you resent them. I find it easier to have a perspective of empathy. Usually people project their own mess onto others through negativity, accusations, passive aggressive behavior. They have deeper issues with themselves than they have with you. Once you understand that and set your boundaries you’ll create a healthy distance between yourself and them.

Surround yourself with positive people that drive you and are working to better themselves too.

Thanks for reading loves:)

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