One month into the new year and whew! A lot has already happened, some resolutions are hanging by a thread. Am writing this seated at a bench in a police station . Don’t worry nothing bad has happened it’s adulting knocking on my door.

The year started at a very high great note and I was pumped, I still am, but things do happen, for instance I fell ill, heck I’m still ill, I haven’t been writing as much as I want to merely because I couldn’t bring myself to it. Hopefully I’ll be well soon. Don’t take sound health for granted…

I couldn’t help but think how the year starts with a lot of excitement and hopes and goals. We want to do this and that, achieve this by the end of the year, have our list of goals written down. But as days go by the energy goes down, hype goes down there is no more motivation and we think to ourselves ” but we got through the previous year just fine”.

I for one am planning to achieve everything on my list by all means necessary. It is not easy. Nothing good comes easy. We are always preached to that everything great you want is right outside your comfort zone. But getting out of the comfort zone is so hard whew!   For the good grade you have to put extra hours and better concentration, to save up for something needs discipline, to lose weight, requires a whole other level of discipline and mental energy, to stop a bad habit, pick up a good habit, stick to routines,  I mean everything you want to achieve requires self-discipline and it is not easy. You just have to want it so bad to overcome the challenges that come in your way.

So, I hope you haven’t given up yet, you still have time. Picking yourself after you fall down is the true definition of strength. Not giving up and soldering on even when you don’t feel like it. Don’t forget to congratulate yourself on the small wins. I pray that when we are reviewing our year in December (inshallah), we will be proud of ourselves.

A good sign of being healthy is when you are attracted to things that are actually good for you~ Maryam Hasnaa.

Blessed weekend ahead loves❤️

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