At the beginning the idea of starting something is usually very exciting. You can wait to start and you can already see the outcome of your hard work. You have not even started yet but you can see the results. We are so pumped and energetic and can’t wait to get our idea off the ground. Although for some the activation energy is non existent. That psyche to start making a new habit or working on your project or on your business idea is not at all there.

Those are the ones who feel stuck before they even get their hands dirty. If you are one of those people, you need to find a way to get over your self doubt. Do not listen to people who have not been down that road before. Honestly some people just enjoy beating down someone’s self esteem. If what you are doing is important and needs to be done no matter how long you procastinate, you eventually just have to do it.

Like waking up. I think almost every one hates this part of the morning. No matter how many times you snooze that button at the end you have to wake up. But now you are two hours behind schedule and it messes up your entire day.

I am one of those who get so psyched at first and when real work kicks in I start questioning myself “why did I even think I could do this?”. So whichever person you are A or B the main thing lacking in the equation is self discipline. It is not easy. You have to deny yourself comfort to make things happen.

You only have two choices. Choose between the pain of self discipline or the pain or regret. You have a choice to study earlier but you don’t push yourself to it and choose to regret while trying to cram everything the night before a test.

Most of the time we know what we are supposed to do and what is expected of us, what is good for us and what is not. We are just to lazy to work or too scared to get out of our comfort zones. You need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. You need to be okay with the distress of hard work.

No one is saying it is easy. I am still struggling with this myself.

Do not let your 2019 be a waste because of your lack of self discipline. If you had resolutions when the year started are you still on track or behind schedule or you gave up already. Revisit them and review.

Don’t underestimate the power of consistency. You can be telling a different story in 6 months or be regretting a waste of 6 months. Your choice.


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